“I now know that Jews were important in the history of my country and area. This cannot be forgotten or erased from our history.”
Daniel, Końskie
School education on Jews and their history has changed completely. Prior to 1989, Polish high school graduates would not be aware of the rich millennium-long Polish-Jewish history nor that, apart from the dramatic fate of the Polish people, the almost complete destruction of Polish Jewry took place during World War II. And yet, much more needs to be done and there is still room for improvement. New textbooks and curricula, as well as teachers’ training courses in Holocaust education have been created, and schools organize meetings with Jewish youth – those who want to teach about Jewish history and culture will find plenty of resources. Schools will now be able to organize visits to Polin – Museum of the History of Polish Jews and benefit from its educational offerings. Non-governmental organizations supplement school education through projects that get both students and teachers involved. One such project is the School of Dialogue, run by the Forum for Dialogue, from which all of the subsequent quotes.
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